We're so excited to work with you!

Once you're a part of the season, Iyvon will work with you on the creative aspects of your play and Eric will work with you on the production elements.  Here's a timeline we like to use for each episode:

  • Pre-season (summer): Playwright's BBQ at Cloud City; email headshots in before August 10
  • 2 months prior to episode - script finalized, casting solid or solidifying
  • 6 wks - Production Meeting - Iyvon, Eric, Playwright, Director, Musical Guest
Microphones: we use the typical handheld/cable mics most theaters use (SM58's) through a small mixing board.  As such we have six (6) mics for the performers (5 actors, 1 stage direction reader), and three (3) mic/lines for our musical guest (usually for a singer to accompany themselves or for them and an accompanist).
Record Sheet: please fill out the following information.  This form must be completed TWO WEEKS prior to recording.
  • 4-1 wks - rehearse on your own (optional, some groups prefer some extra time)
  • 2-1 wks - 1 four-hour boardroom style rehearsal in Midtown with Iyvon
  • Day of:
2:00 - 5:00 - Rehearsal at venue with Eric
6:00 - Sound Check
7:00 - Performance (Introduction, Song 1, Act 1, Song 2, Act 2, Song 3)
9:00 - Interview (Song 4)